Are your fees annual or one-time fees?

We have both annual and one-time fee options available. After you pay for membership or one-time fee, the material is available to you along with the vast collection of lesson plans according to your chosen plan. For schools we provide only annual licenses. A school membership is available for up to 5 teachers.

Do I need a PayPal account to purchase your materials?

No you can also pay by credit card without creating a PayPal account. Just choose the button below the PayPal option.

I forgot my password.

Choose from the top navigation Log in –> Reset my Password.

I bought the membership but did not receive an email.

 The membership password will be sent to you via email as soon as the payment has been processed. If you don’t seem to have received the email, always check your spam folder first, as well as the “Notifications” and “Offers” tabs in Gmail. It is also possible that there was a typing error in the email you provided. If the email has not arrived within 30 minutes of the order and the message has not gone to spam, please contact us by using the contact form or e-mail info@sanasala.com and we will resend the email to you.

 Can I copy materials indefinitely?

We respect copyrights and hope you do too. You can copy the materials for yourself indefinitely, but the use is limited only to the students you teach. You cannot share the materials you have purchased with a teacher in a neighboring class unless you have purchased a school membership. Feel free, however, to recommend us to your colleague.

Can I edit the materials?

You can only edit the PowerPoint presentations by changing slide order or by adding your own slides at the end. You may not modify any documents or portions thereof produced by Sanasala Learning. Copyright marks may also not be cut off. Read the terms of use in more detail here. By purchasing and / or using the product, you also agree to the terms of use.

I bought the membership and I am able to log in, but I cannot print anything.

Our products are PDF files and usually open without any problems on any newer device, but best on a computer. There is usually no need to install separate programs or plug-ins.

On what basis has the vocabulary been chosen?

According to the best practices and the effectiveness of the language learning, the vocabulary should from the child’s daily life. We have chosen vocabulary that is most common and most often needed in the everyday life of the school and young students. This is also why their use can be practiced in so-called authentic, natural situations like transitions.

How do I know which material is suitable for my students?

We didn’t want to classify materials strictly by grade levels, instead all of our materials are easy to differentiate. Some materials have age recommendations, but students’ skills and interest should always be the primary reason for choosing learning materials. We encourage you to try different materials to find the ones that best fit for your students. As we have designed our Sanasala learning materials the differentiation has been our guiding principle. We designed each activity so that there are multiple possibilities to use them. We also are strong believers on educators’ creativity.

Here are few tips to help you differentiate our materials. Choose the right number of words to be learnt for a particular group (we’ve selected the 6 easiest and most used words and 6 additional words to differentiate). You can operate only at the image level or add word recognition or practice writing. Games are also easy to differentiate. Whatever material you choose, applying it to your own student, group or grade level is easy.

Why there are no instructions included in the worksheets?

We admit, we ourselves are impatient to read long instructions and the best material for us is the kind that is self-explanatory. We also acknowledge that young learners often cannot read yet or have difficulties in understanding written instructions. This is why we also have the same type of activities for all topics. Less instructional / teacher speech, more action for students suits most young students!

However, we have made some simple videos of the games we use the most, so you can get started. We also hope that teachers come up with their own ideas and combine materials creatively.

I joined you email list, but I have not received any messages.

We will send you a thank you message after you join. If you didn’t get it, check your spam folder, as well as the “Notifications” and “Offers” tabs in Gmail. If the message is not found in these either, it is likely that a small error has occurred in the email address. In this case, re-join and carefully enter and verify your email address.