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A foreign language is best learned when learning is active, authentic and fun! Lesson planning and preparation should also be simple, easy and quick for teachers.

Sanasala Learning was created by two teachers from Finland who saw the need for simple language learning activities for young learners.

Sanasala learning materials are widely used by teachers in Finland. See for yourself why and join us today!

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Learning Materials

Games, activities, worksheets and classroom displays on 20 different topics. All of our materials are easy to differentiate.

These materials will suffice for 1-3 years for early English language teaching.

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Lesson Plans

In Sanasalan lessons students speak and do!

We provide free lesson plans for each of our topics. We have created many options for you to be able to choose the kind of activities that best suit your teaching style and group.

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Learning Environment

Make the target language visible in your classroom! Easily print out a classroom calendar, flashcards, posters, signs and labels. You can also take advantage of our cards and decorations for holidays and special events.

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We have trained over 500 teachers in Finland on English teaching pedagogy for early years. Now our popular trainings are also available online in English!

Contact us through the contact form and we will tailor a webinar for your specific needs.

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What is Sanasala?

We are Sanna and Salla, or like the English would pronounce /Sana/ and /Sala/ and we are passionate to spread the Finnish pedagogy in language learning!

Sana means ‘a word’ and sala means ‘a secret place’ in the Finnish language. So welcome to the secret world of words!


We are two teachers from Finland and our learning materials and teacher trainings were developed after many years of experience in teaching English in Finland and abroad.

Many teachers came to us asking how to teach English to young learners. Some were also discouraged because they themselves are second language speakers.

We know and believe that everyone can learn English and everyone can teach it too!

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